Wonky Girls Rap

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You’d better watch out because the gang’s about,
The bent and the wobbly and the ones with gout,
The lame and the crooked, the broken and small,
But we’re gonna be fine cos the Mama loves us all…
We do a little shimmy,
We do a little shake,
And we groove on down the garden cos the girls are out.

We like a little Tango if the beat is right,
Or a Soft-Shell Shuffle when the day turns to night,
A Jitter-Bug is tasty, or the Pasa Doble
For we’re hot-blooded hens who like some O-lay
We do a little shimmy,
We do a little shake,
And we gonna keep on dancing till morning light.

Mary’s cruising up behind, she’s the one with speed,
She can really pound the turf though she is knock-kneed
She’s a natural at the Moon Walk tho she can’t do tap,
But she has just performed a Battery Hen Rap.
She does a little shimmy,
She does a little shake
She’s been dancing on now since the day she was freed.

Now we ain’t D’arcy Bussell, no we ain’t Wayne Sleep,
But the rhythm’s in our bones and the rhythm runs deep
Though we can’t walk straight we were born to dance
Weaving round the flowerbeds and in and out the plants
Yes we do a little shimmy,
Now we do a little shake
And when our legs give way we just fall in a heap!

We like to ruffle feathers as we cruise on by,
But if cats are around then we’ll make fur fly
So stand back Daisy or you may get pecked-
And don’t you go showing no disrespect.
We do a little shimmy
We do a little shake
We’re all a bit decrepit but we sure do try.

And the Mama says we’re cool and the Mama says we rock
Cos we battery girls rule and we take every knock
We never give up
No, we never give in
We just payin’ the price for this battery sin.

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One Comment on “Wonky Girls Rap”

  1. I have just re-visited this poem – has to be one of my favourites! It would be good set to an animated advert for rescuing battery hens!