Cluck and Collect

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Christmas Presents

Christmas hens are online shopping,
Feathered wings all website hopping,
Over-heated combs they’re mopping-
Cluck and Collect today!

Lo, the Internest keeps crashing,
(Far too many hens key-bashing),
Online retail records smashing-
Cluck and Collect away!

For Mathilde, a tin of sweetcorn,
Babs- an eco-friendly wheat lawn,
Something to keep Tilly’s feet warm,
Cluck and Collect’s like play!

Flo would like a new toboggan,
As the other hens all hoggen,
Anything in snow you go on,
Cluck and Collect’s OK!

Nora hopes that in her stocking,
There’ll be earthworms (lots of bokking),
That will get her Christmas rocking,
Cluck and Collect’s Ole!

Betty’d like a caterpillar,
For her ideal stocking filler,
Freshly flown in from Manila,
Cluck and Collect all day!

Next on list, some giant mealworms,
Crisp and crunchy (not like real worms),
How to make your humans squeal, squirm,
Cluck and Collect’s the way

Bonnie’s seen a purple Eglu,
That she’d like to try for leg room,
Father Christmas she must beg to
Cluck and Collect her way.

As there’s wifi in the nestbox,
Hens can lay yet still buy vest, socks,
Order trap to set for pest fox-
Cluck and Collect: Hooray!

Now for discount codes they’re searching,
For the shoppings’ been exerting-
Soon to bed for slumbrous perching-
To Cluck and Collect: good day!

Christmas Decorations

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