Simple Pasta Supper

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Feeds 4 hens, Preparation time: 20 minutes

Pasta1 Handful of spaghetti, cooked with some spare greens  (do not add any salt to the cooking water)
1 Small handful raisins or currants
Sunflower oil (or if hens are especially spoilt, extra virgin olive oil).

Drain and cool the cooked spaghetti and greens, add the raisin or currants along with a good slug of your chosen oil. Garnish with dried mealworms (optional).

(Variation – you can cook the raisins in with the spaghetti for a softer result.)

Serve. Stand back as you may be mown down by Vespa-driving, espresso-drinking hens. On no account give in to their demands for freshly grated Parmesan – it is far too salty. They will have to make do with a sprinkling of shredded basil leaves instead.


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